For Picky Pets and Their People


Daycare ($28 per day, per dog) Play in a group of furry friends inside and outside in our securely fenced playgrounds. We do limit the number of dogs in order to provide the best service so book your dates as soon as you can.  Read all about the Daycare Center here.

Package Pricing for Daycare

If you have 8 visits within two consecutive weeks, you will receive a $15 discount. This applies to each dog if you have more than one. We will keep track of it for you. There is no prepayment required.

Staycare ($48 per night, per dog, includes daycare) After the last dog leaves for the day, the daycare center gets ready for sleepovers. The atmosphere is very much like home but with added features like soft music, low lighting and calming diffusers. After a day of play, your dog will retire to their own personal den for dinner and evening relaxation. (If you have more than one dog, they can stay together if that’s what would make them happiest). They will go out again at 9:30 p.m. then lights out until 7:00 a.m.. While there is no staff on site overnight, the daycare center is equipped with cameras, heat, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors for remote monitoring. And, Kerri lives on Old Main, just a couple minutes away, if needed. Trust us when we say, they’ll sleep soundly through the night and be ready for another day of fun with their friends.  *There is a $15 Off Hour Staffing Fee for any drop offs and pick ups that are scheduled outside of daycare hours but they are available by request.

***Let’s address the most common question about Staycare… So, they’re in a cage all night? YES! They have a space big enough for their beds and blankets, food, water, toys and anything else you feel will make them comfortable. We want them to sleep. We don’t want them in a group being bothered or pacing in a run or playing cage free all night. They are supposed to be sleeping! So, yes, they are in a cage/kennel/crate/den, whatever you want to call it, all night, for their own good. The exception is dogs that have crate anxiety. In that case, there are options and we will be happy to discuss them with you. We most definitely want what’s best for your pup!

Peticulars Pedestal Package ($60 per night, includes daycare) When space is available, your dog can spend the night with a team member in their home. They will enjoy the day at the daycare center then be transported to the house where they will have family time, eat dinner and relax. In the morning, they have their breakfast then are transported back again to daycare. *Limited to 1, established daycare dog only. Cannot be scheduled on-line so please call. Not suitable for all dogs.*

Playcare ($10 per hour, per dog, limit 2 hours) Do you need your dog out of the house for an hour or 2? You have an errand to run or work’s being done on the house? Maybe you just need some “Me Time”? This is for you.

Pet Sitting ($25 per visit, $5 for each additional pet, includes travel expenses) Leave your pet comfortably at your Home, Hotel or Inn and we will come to them. Custom designed programs are based on your needs and preferences. We want to keep them happy!

Dog Walking ($35 per half hour walk, $15 for each additional dog, includes travel expenses) We’ll get your pup out during the day so you can take care of business without worrying about what’s happening at home. 

Nail Service 

All pedicures for dogs include cutting and filing – $15. 

Add ear cleaning for just $5 more. Ear cleaning only, includes your medication if requested – $10 

Mobile Nail Service ($20 per pet, cats and dogs, includes travel expenses) We’ll come to you to do pedicures. Great for pets who get stressed at the groomer or vet. **Available Saturdays at 9 a.m.**

Transportation services available on a limited basis starting at $10. **Not available from Memorial Day through Labor Day**

Mobile services are available from W Yarmouth to Orleans.

Training is available through our partner, A Tail Above

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