Daycare (Regular Pack $30 per day, per dog. Part Time Pooches $35 per day, per dog) Play in a group of furry friends inside and outside in our securely fenced playgrounds. We do limit the total number of dogs to 18 in order to provide the best service so book your dates as soon as you can.  Read all about the Daycare Center here

Part Time Pooch – Any daycare dog that is not a regular, year round pack member or only comes occasionally. Part Time Pooches require more time and staff attention in order to adjust as well and as quickly as possible. Many doggy daycares will not accommodate occasional visitors but we will if we have room and can guarantee happy dogs. 

Day Boarding ($45 per dog) It’s somewhere between Daycare and Staycare. You need a place for your dog but must drop off or pick up outside of regular daycare hours. We’ll keep them for the day for you without requiring them to stay overnight. 

Staycare *SMALL DOGS ONLY* ($60 per night, per dog, includes daycare) We do limit the total number of dogs to 5 or 6 in order to provide the best service so book your dates as soon as you can. After the last dog leaves for the day, the daycare center gets ready for sleepovers. The atmosphere is very much like home but with added features like soft music, low lighting and calming diffusers. After a day of play, your dog will retire to their own personal den for dinner and evening relaxation. You provide their food and treats. You are also encouraged to bring their own toys, bedding and a piece of your clothing or a pillow case to make them feel even more at home. If you have more than one dog, they can stay together if that’s what would make them happiest. They will go out again at 9:00 p.m. then lights out until 7:00 a.m.. While there is no staff on site overnight, the daycare center is equipped with cameras, heat, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors for remote monitoring. And, Kerri lives on Old Main, just a couple minutes away, if needed. Trust us when we say, they’ll sleep soundly through the night and be ready for another day of fun with their friends.


***Let’s address the most common questions about Staycare…

Are the dogs in crates at night? Usually, yes. We want them to sleep. We don’t want them in a group being bothered or playing all night. If your dog is uncomfortable in a crate, they may be able to stay in one of the indoor play areas either alone or with friends, availability permitting. Staycare is arranged based on each dog’s needs so it is really flexible and custom designed. We most definitely want what’s best for your pup.

What happens on days when there is no daycare? Dogs are exercised on premises 4 times during the day when the daycare is closed. They are let out and fed at 7:30 a.m. then exercised again at noon. We come back at 4:30 p.m. to let out and feed dinner. At 9:00 p.m. they are let out for a final exercise period. Staycare dogs are let out in groups unless individual care is indicated. We also offer half hour individual dog walks ($35).

Can I drop off and pick up when the daycare center is closed? Yes! We try to be as flexible as possible, even on Sundays and holidays. We know how much you miss your dog and want to reunite with them as soon as possible so we are happy to arrange that with you. The drop off and pick up times when the daycare is closed are 7:30, noon, 4:30 and 9:00. There is a $15 off hour staffing fee for this service unless it is a Day Board.

IF YOUR DOG SUFFERS FROM ANXIETY THAT IS NOT WELL MANAGED WITH VETERINARIAN PRESCRIBED MEDICATION, THEY ARE NOT CANDIDATES FOR BOARDING SERVICES. Unlike daycare dogs, boarders are left alone for stretches of time. They may act out by doing damage to the facility or even themselves and staff. Don’t ruin your dog’s day or your plans by scheduling an anxious dog for Staycare or Day Boarding. You will have to return to retrieve them, no exceptions.


Pet Sitting ($30 per visit, $5 for each additional pet) Leave your pet comfortably at your Home, Hotel or Inn and we will come to them. Custom designed programs are based on your needs and preferences. We want to keep them happy! 

Pet Sit Plus ($40 per hour, any number of pets) Need babysitting service for your furkids? You just need us to hang out with your pets while you’re gone. We can sit in the house, take them for a walk or play in the yard. They just need some company. We can do that, availability permitting.

Let’s talk about cats. While it’s easier to leave cats at home than it is dogs, it’s still important that they get some interaction every day. Cats can suffer from depression if their routines are drastically altered. They may show signs of this by not eating, drinking or using the litterbox. This is dangerous for a kitty and can lead to severe health problems. We have no minimum requirements for pet sitting cats but we strongly encourage you to keep them as close to a regular schedule as possible.

Dog Walking ($35 per half hour walk, $20 for each additional dog) We’ll get your pup out during the day so you can take care of business without worrying about what’s happening at home. 

***If you forget to cancel a walk or sit and a team member arrives to provide service, you will be charged the full amount***

Nail service is generally available for dogs and cats while in daycare or while we are pet sitting. Just ask.

Nail service only requests for dogs and cats are limited by appointment to Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:30 and 12:45 at the daycare center.

Dogs and Cats – All pedicures for dogs include filing – $15.

Ear cleaning – $5. Add medication (owner provided) – $10 

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services are available in and around Yarmouth and Dennis.   

*For mobile nail and vet tech services from Dennis eastward, try Four Paws Tech Care 508-292-6864 , in and around  Yarmouth and Hyannis, try Nauti Paws at 508-718-8918, in and around Barnstable, try Jen’s Mobile Vet Tech Services at 508-237-3899*

*For training classes, check out Tail Waggin’ Dog Training*

*If you’d like to send your dog for boarding and training, check out A Tail Above* 

*For full grooming check out Hot Diggity*

*For supplies check out Mid Cape Pet and Seed.

***All services are by reservation only***