First and foremost, your pet must be healthy and ready for a day of adventure. If you have a growing puppy, please consult your veterinarian about the possible risks of unlimited exercise including, but not limited to, running, jumping, wrestling and tug-o-war. PETiculars requires a current rabies vaccine (which is the law) bordatella (for protection against canine cough) and a negative fecal screen (because parasites are so common). We also require distemper and parvo vaccines for any dog under the age of 5 years. All dogs must be flea and tick free and on prevention. For the protection of every dog, if these requirements aren’t met, your dog will not be permitted to stay with us. Please check with your veterinarian before you book service to make sure your dog is compliant. If your veterinarian has put your pet on a different vaccination protocol due to age or medical considerations, just provide documentation. People have strong beliefs about vaccines and medications and we respect that.  In spite of being vaccinated and on prevention, and our stringent cleaning, disinfecting and pest treatment protocols, there is always a chance your dog will be exposed to a virus or parasite. 

Any pet that seems ill will be referred to their veterinarian immediately.

And finally, your dog has to play nice with people and other dogs (do we really even need to say that?). If your dog is uncomfortable or aggressive with other dogs or people, they should not be put in a situation that makes them act out inappropriately.  Pet sitting and dog walking are great options for pets that are better at home than in unfamiliar places.

You may have noticed that we do not require dogs to be spayed or neutered as it is the veterinary recommendation to wait on this surgery for some dogs. Ask your veterinarian what is best for your dog. But, intact dogs do have to behave themselves and adhere to the guidelines that pertain to all dogs. And, neutered dogs may react negatively to intact dogs. If this becomes the response that most of the playgroup has, the intact dog will have to leave daycare until (s)he is neutered. During this time, pet sitting and dog walking would be great alternatives.

Ready to book service? First, please fill out the NEW CLIENT AND PET FORM.