WARM FUZZY WELCOME to our Doggy Daycare Center! Enjoy indoor and outdoor playgrounds all year long. Dogs are divided into 1 or 2 groups using a combination of temperament and size. Members of these groups change throughout the day as new personalities come and go. Which one suits your furry friend? 

The Gym is for dogs with high energy levels who can run with the big kids. There will be lots of athletics including running, jumping, wrestling and other things really active dogs love to do. 

The Playpen is for puppies and small dogs who aren’t quite ready to run with the big kids. They may be a little too timid or fragile to thrive with the athletes but want to have some fun with friends like themselves. 

And for every dog…

The Lanai is a calm and quiet place. Your dog will truly enjoy this very home-like space. They can get a pedicure or enjoy Naps N Snacks in their own, personal den. The Lanai is also where older, special needs or post-surgical dogs can relax. They can spend the day just chilling out instead of being home alone or in an active play group. Studies show that time in a room like this for part of every day does wonders for your dog. Check out this article about how much sleep dogs really need. Quiet time is definitely a part of our day here at the PETiculars Doggy Daycare Center.

Daycare dogs have Nap N Snack time between 11:30 and 1:00 Monday through Friday. NO DROP OFFS OR PICK UPS ARE AVAILABLE DURING THIS TIME.     

 We encourage you to compare us with other facilities in order to make an educated decision about what you think is best for your pup. Some dogs have personalities that require a much bigger facility and we understand that need. There are many excellent doggy daycares on the Cape so you do have choices. But, we hope you choose us!

Water is available at all times, in every area. If your dog would like a snack, nap or  meal while here, we are happy to accommodate them at no additional charge. Please bring their regular snacks and food.

Ready to book service? Start by filling out the NEW CLIENT AND PET FORM

Want a tour? No problem. Tours are available weekends by appointment. We have a beautiful, clean facility and we love showing it off.

Not sure your dog is a good candidate for the Daycare Center? Aggression of any kind would disqualify a dog from daycare. Females in heat should stay home for a few weeks. Manic barking or excessive humping could indicate a frustrated or unhappy dog. We welcome all dogs and, if we see behavior that is a concern, we will discuss it with you. If it is decided that daycare isn’t the best fit for your dog, there is always pet sitting or dog walking.  We’re happy to provide services for them at home. Their comfort and happiness is our first priority.

***The Daycare Center is a non-smoking facility***