Warm Fuzzy Welcome and let us tell you a little about Peticulars where we strive to meet the standards of the most discriminating pet owner and provide an outstanding, unforgettable experience. Peticulars was established in September of 2018 as a mobile service. Then, in April of 2019, the daycare center opened. With the combination of on-site and off-site services, we are able to provide you with almost everything you and your pets need. Our doggy daycare, staycare, pet sitting and dog walking services are THE alternative to traditional kenneling. 

Our Vision and Mission – To be a full service resource for pet owners. To help people, who love their pets more than anything, keep them safe, happy and healthy. To positively contribute to the life of the pet and their entire family through experience and skill, honesty and integrity and excellent, personalized customer service.

 What makes us stand out from the competition? We are much smaller, quieter and understand that “enrichment” means making your dog’s day better than average. We keep our maximum capacity to 18 dogs. Compare this with other facilities and you will see how we are able to give a lot of individual attention. We ask ourselves, “What would make this dog even happier right now?” And we do it. We treat each dog as an individual who has certain likes and dislikes. We get to know them and design a program that meets their specific wants and needs. No two dogs are exactly the same and our team has the experience it takes to make sure each one of our guests has a wonderful time. And we haven’t forgotten you cat lovers. We know that cats love attention too. Without their people, they can get depressed, believe it or not. When we come to your place to care for your cat, we make sure they enjoy some enrichment and interaction…on their terms of course.  We are responsible, reliable, licensed, insured and, most of all, trustworthy. 

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Join our staff in feeding homeless pets by answering trivia questions here.

In our never ending quest to give back, we are happy to offer the Peticulars Parentless Pup Program. Any dog that is in foster care or at a shelter is invited to come to doggy daycare at no cost. We are also proud to partner with The Emergency Pet Care Program on the Cape which helps the pets of homeless or at risk owners. If they are healthy in body and mind and their temperament test indicated that they would enjoy and benefit from the socialization, we are happy to have these dogs in daycare. Just call to make arrangements.

Have you checked out our Swap Trunk? It is filled with pet supply donations that could benefit local rescues or any pet parent that needs help. Don’t trash your old pet supplies. We’ll take them and make them available for anyone who has a need. Of course, feel free to look through the trunk in case there’s something your pet could use.